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Guidance Documents

Documents, Videos and Examples

We know entering into the competition can seem daunting for first timers (and those that have had a few years out) but rest assured that we want the competition to be as accessible as possible.  We have developed several documents, guides, tool-kits and video links to help you along the way…

Please read through the below documents for guidance on how to build your rocket.

Guidance Documents

  1. UKROC Teams Timeline Guide 2024 
  2. UKROC Online Guides
  3. Model Rocket Material Guidance
  4. UKROC Rocket Materials List
  5. UKROC Approved Motor List *Please ensure you order your motors ASAP, the delivery time can be up to 12 weeks!*
  6. Best Practice Guide
  7. Igniting Clusters Guidance Notes
  8.  Rail Guide Information
  9. A UKROC Mentor Guide is available on request

Useful Videos

Logbook Examples

We highly recommend you maintain a logbook throughout the build of your rocket.

If you reach the National Final, you will be asked to present your logbook to a panel of judges.

The UK winner, who attends the International Final will also have to present a logbook as part of the competition.

It is entirely up to your team how detailed your logbook is. Examples of previous logbooks to guide you can be found here and here.

Template Documents

  • Sponsorship Letter Example – this can be personalised to your school/youth group and distributed to local businesses to seek sponsorship for UKRoC towards associated costs, i.e. materials, insurance or travel
  • NOTAM request form – this should be completed if you are launching your rockets in controlled airspace
  • Risk Assessment – this may be required for any test launches a team may plan to undertake
  • Schools Press Release Template – this can be personalise to your school / youth group and can be distributed to local media outlets


If you have any questions about the competition, please check out the UKROC Facebook page where you can post your questions, share any hints/ tips and discuss the competition with other participating teams! We will aim to respond to your queries within 48 hours.

You can also view our UK ROC FAQs document.

Compulsory BMFA Insurance – IMPORTANT!

It is mandatory that all teams entering UKRoC obtain their own BMFA insurance in order to launch rockets at our regional, national and international events. If you fail to obtain this insurance, you will not be able to launch your rockets at any of our events – and we don’t want that to happen!

For full information and prices, please contact BMFA directly on +44 (0) 116 244 0028 or admin@bmfa.or