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How To Build A Rocket

Airbus artist-view-mars-sample-return-ero

Airbus webinar: Rocket Science – from model rockets to Mars

Airbus Defence and Space, our UKROC industry sponsor, took students on a fascinating exploration into the world of spacecraft propulsion in the latest UKROC webinar.
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Building a Rocket – Part 1

For most teams, you will have never made a rocket before, and probably wondering where do you start?
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How to build a rocket

Building a Rocket – Part 2

Now that you’ve seen the videos from our previous post, you’re ready to get started on your own rocket.
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Materials B

Building a Rocket – Materials part 1

By now you’ll have seen that there are a lot of rocket materials available, let’s start by looking at rocket tubes.
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Materials A

Building a Rocket – Materials part 2

We thought you might like to hear some of our material suggestions to help you get started with your rocket building...
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