The Challenge

Welcome to UKRoc

ADS is proud organisers of the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge (UKROC) and have been running the event annually since 2006.

The challenge is aimed at students aged 11 – 18 from any secondary schools, colleges, educational facilities or youth groups to design, build and launch a model rocket with a fragile payload.

The rocket must reach a set altitude with specific total flight duration and must adhere to the specific set rules. The competition’s rules and scoring parameters change each year to challenge the students’ ingenuity and encourage a fresh approach to rocket design.

After submitting your registration online there are three main stages of the competition;

  • Regional Events,
  • The National Final 
  • The International Final

The Regional Events

In order to attend a Regional Event, you must register for the competition before the deadline date (Friday 28 February). You and your team can then attend a Regional Event nearest to you to launch your rocket and record your qualifying flights. Your rocket launch will be scored by our Rocketry Experts. If you’re unable to attend a regional event, we also have the opportunity to self-qualify, please contact the UKROC team to discuss this further.

The best scoring team from each Regional Event will automatically go through to the UK National Final.

The National Final 

The 20 top scoring teams from the Regional Events will meet at our National Final in Buckminster, Grantham. Similar to the Regional Events, you and your team will launch your rocket and if you win, well then you can start packing your suitcase as you’ll be going to Farnborough to compete in the International Finals! 

More information on the National Finals will follow in due course.

Watch the 2017 National Final video here. 

The International Finals 

This is the third and final stage of the competition. The UK winning team from the National final will compete against the winning teams from America, France and Japan at Farnborough International Airshow 2020! We will fund the winning UK team to attend.  

Watch the 2019 International Final video here.

Registrations for 2020 CLOSE on 28th February!