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Model Shops & Websites

ADS do not endorse any specific rocketry suppliers, however, our rocketeers recommended using the following websites for purchasing rocket equipment:

UK Local Model Shops

Specialist Rocket Shops

Support from Rocketry Clubs

The rocketry community in the UK is very established and there are many operating rocketry clubs across the UK that meet regularly.

A list of these clubs can be found by clicking here. Please do contact the clubs directly for support and guidance in your local area

Please Note

The UK Youth Rocketry Competition does NOT have an official supplier for purchasing rocket kit or equipment 

If you have any queries or require any advice when purchasing rocket equipment for the competition, then please contact who will then put you in touch with one of our Rocketry experts.

SpaceCAD Discounts

SpaceCAD is the ideal tool to prepare for the competition. It gives you the power to design and build reliable model rockets.
You can assemble your rocket from a vast library of elements.
You can quickly and effortlessly simulate numerous rocket flights in varying configurations to find out how well your rocket will fly and land.
You can tweak for height, flight duration and a safe landing. SpaceCAD are offering a 50% discount on SpaceCAD’s regular (one user) price of  £34.95 – usually £69.95, for the electronically delivered key.
For full details and to take advantage of this offer, please use discount code GOUKROC24.


Rocsim Discounts

Rocsim is the Apogee USA equivalent of Spacecad and is extensively  used in  the USA equivalent competition TARC.

The deal  for UKROC is the same as that for TARC  A  team member copy  onto  their individual  computer for $20 (currently  about  £15) the Rocsim access key will  remain  active until August 2024.

Please contact for further information giving details of your teams UKROC registration.

(Not for school computers teachers or mentors)

PRE-Registration for 2025 now Open!

PRE-RegistER now!

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