A beginner’s guide to building rockets – webinar

Is this your first time building a rocket? Do you have a prototype and want to improve it? It is a competition after all, and with a chance to compete in an International Final this year, the challenge is hotting up.

In the second of our webinar series, our Rocketeer experts, David Tranter and John Jacomb are on hand to offer guidance and support for building your rocket. This more technical guide will motivate you to get that project started and with time for Q&A, there’s an opportunity to ask for help with your specific concerns or issues.

During our Beginner’s Guide to Building Rockets we will introduce the key components of the rockets, where to purchase materials from, other resources to consider, such as flying clubs, and go through the rules to ensure a successful flight.

The webinar will take place on Monday 4 March, 12:45 – 13:30. To register your place to join, please email megan.blackman@adsgroup.org.uk. If you can’t attend, please register your place and we will send you the recording of the webinar.

If you want more introductory-focused information then watch our previous webinar UKROC – what’s it all about? In this short session we provided information on the competition and what to consider, including hints and tips from the 2023 international champions – Ridgeway Rocket Club – and our Rocketeers.